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Collect for St Anne

O God, the Source of all mercy,you gave to your servant Anne such grace that of her was born the mother of your Son: grant that we may always trust in your providence and commit ourselves to you in all things; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Altar inside the new church

The story of St Anne's

1906 to 1972
The history of St Anne's started a long time ago in Silverton when on the 17th of April 1906at the home of the late Mr and Mrs Schuch the first church service was held. The service was conducted by the Reverend Tomlinson. A building was later bought and the original name of the church was All Saints; the building was of wood and iron. This building was used from 1926 to 1972. From 1938 the Silverton church was the resposibility of St Wilfred's Parish which seny visiting ministers from other Pretoria Parishes

1972 to 2007
In 1971 it was decided that Silverton should have it's own identity a loan of R2600 from the Diocesan Trustees was made as well as a futher R3000 for the Rectory(454 Joseph Bosman str) and the building building of All Saints was completed on 27th February 1972. It was dedicated by Bishop Knap Fisher. Over the years members were added and additions to the church building was made.

2007 to 2008
In 2007 The church was moved to Willow Glen and renamed to Willow Glen Anglican Church. The services were held in the Willow Glen High School hall.

2008 to 2016
On Saturday 15 March 2008 there was a site clean-up at the new premises in Stellenberg Rd Equestria. The building of the new church were commenced and on 24th October 2010 it was consecrated by the Bishop of Pretoria the right reverend Dr Johannes T. Seoka.
2017 and Onwards
On 1st January 2017 St Anne's became a Parish and Father Andrew Nel the first rector. His induction was on the 11th of March 2017.
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